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Sixth Form Production Trestle is a Resounding Success

Drama & Dance

The Sixth Form production Trestle took place last week and was a resounding success. Things got off to a fantastic start when tickets for the three day show sold out within days. Year 13 student, Tom Singleton provides further details below.

It was the first production directed by Year 12 student, Kane Oliver. Four other Year 12 students, Charlie Hayes, Kate Walker, John-Michael Fairless and Laura Karai played starring roles whilst Jay Heath and Anna Pidcock designed the lighting and costumes for the production. Our Drama Assistant, Benji Bailey also featured in a starring role and Trent's very own Stage Manager/Designer, Rebecca Bradbury constructed a very well designed set that really helped capture the essence of the production.

Naomi Wallace’s poetic dialogue captures the confusion of the hard times of 1936 rural America at the height of the Great Depression in her ‘The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek.’ She uses flashbacks to tell her two level story. We meet two teenagers empty of hope for their future who find comfort and purpose in the potential exciting challenge of running a trestle before an oncoming train enters the bridge. Dalton (Charlie Hayes) is the curious 15 year old who is enchanted by the 17 year old ‘tom-boy’ Pace (Kate Walker) – who tempts the shy Dalton to become adventurous and join her in preparing to run the trestle before the oncoming train approaches. The two teens are playing out their crushed emotional desires through preparing for the daredevil stunt.
After the flashback, Dalton’s confusion leads him to feel guilt and responsibility for Pace’s tragic death.

Below is an account of the production by Mrs Edwards, Drama Teacher.

Review : ‘Trestle at Pope Lick Creek’

"Last Wednesday evening I witnessed a production that has to be up there with the best professional theatre I have attended, and I have seen a lot of theatre believe me. In the intimate studio space the audience were swept through an overwhelming array of emotions. ‘Trestle at Pope Lick Creek’s’ director, Kane Oliver, will be the first to tell you that this quality of theatre can only happen thanks to the stunning writing of Naomi Wallace. For a young director to have the ambition and skill, alongside his super-talented cast and crew, to stage such a challenging text and to do so with such subtlety, detail and integrity is truly humbling. Every corner and moment of this piece was professional to the last from its insightful earth covered floor (so intelligently used throughout) to the particularly clever costuming of Pace Creagan. Kate Walker’s breathtaking choreography was a particularly inspiring alongside the depth of characterisation and the meticulously observed relationships of its actors.

Congratulations to all who contributed to this memorable production of such a beautiful and unsettling play. If this is what Kane Oliver can produce at 17 he is a director to watch out for and I await his next project with baited breath. It is so good to know that the theatre, a long standing passion of this aging director, is in such good hands!"

Mrs N Edwards


Congratulations to all involved with this fantastic production!


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