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Trent Sixth Formers Investigate Business in London


On the dawn of Friday 23rd March 2012 at precisely 6:30, 30 Trent Sixth Form students assembled on the terrace to depart for London on a Business and Economics trip. Despite the obvious deprivation of sleep, morale was high and we were all extremely excited to see what the day would bring!

After a long bus journey we finally arrived at The Westfield Centre in the Borough of Stratford in London for a quick pit-stop and to collect our joyful tour guide. After this and with our tour guide on the bus with us, we headed for a tour around the Olympic Park. It was on the bus driving past the Olympic Village that we discovered that it has been budgeted that there will be a consummation of approximately 2.7 million bananas by the athletes during their stay! There were many fun facts like this which were very interesting to everyone.

Whilst walking around the Olympic Park we took some time taking pictures and admiring our view of the Olympic Stadium, the Velodrome and the Orbit. I personally was particularly fascinated by the height, impact and investment of millions of pounds into the Orbit which plans to hold a massive three hundred people!

After a walk around the Olympic Stadium we took a tour round various venues discussing: different architects and builders, creating employment, new housing (much of it social so not too expensive) business opportunities for example – Westfield creating more jobs (the Multiplier). We learnt that some of the venues are to be moved after the games helping regenerate other parts of London – for example the Basketball venue which will be re-used (in a way re-cycled) for the Olympics in Rio in 2016. Following on from this we visited other venues such as the Excel centre and had the pleasure of seeing the cable car being built into the O2 Arena (which will not be called this during the Olympics as O2 are not sponsoring the Olympics!)

Subsequently we had lunch at the Thames Barrier Park where the budding photographers and I took the chance to take many photos of the beautiful scenery. After doing so we clambered back onto the coach for a trip into the city. On our way in we passed the old Docklands area which has been regenerated providing homes and business opportunities. Preceding this we took a tour of the city seeing iconic buildings such as the Gherkin, Lloyds of London and the Shard. All of these famous pieces of architecture were designed to make London an attractive city for investment.

We learnt that there used to be one hundred and seventy different banks there however now there are only one hundred and five (which they aim to increase). We then finished the tour at the Bank of England which is the centre of the London financial district, Lombard Street where Italian merchants moved to increase trade. Overall it was an extremely beneficial and I enjoyed every minute of it!

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