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Trent House's Charge Towards the House Cup


It has been another action-packed term for the House system, with a variety of events which have completely changed the scores. It just goes to show that this really is anyone’s game and it is not just a one horse race.

This term has seen a wealth of house events which has bought the whole school together, with students working together across all age groups to claim the winning title.

The first event was the House Magazine giving the Houses an insight into the stressful world of journalism. Kemp took the title with ‘The Kemp Chronicle’ beating stiff competition from the other Houses.

The Sixth Form took on some physical activity in the form of mixed basketball, where Wright came out victorious – it was great to see so many Sixth Formers involved and to see them supporting their Houses.

Meanwhile, the Lower School were taking on their own physical challenge with the Lower School Indoor Sports. Mrs Harris organised a brilliant event where everyone in the Lower School got to score points for their House through throwing, bouncing and catching balls, relay running, skipping and sit ups! There were lots of tired but happy faces at the end of this event! Again, Kemp came out on top scoring the maximum points!

Then came the Whole School Debate – the platform for our future politicians! The Lower School raised important points about exams, mobile phones and sport; the Main School argued their cases for and against CCTV, Facebook and banning GCSEs and the Sixth Form tackled thorny issues such as competitive sport, women bishops and wind farms. Kemp came out on top again! Certainly a running theme for this term! Notable performances from Peter Nathanail and Hannah Buchanan!

Flash fiction was the next event for our budding novelists. Writing a story in 100 words exactly is not as easy as it sounds, but we had some excellent entries. The individual winners for each year group were: Year 7 – Luke Mounteney & Lucie Gale Year 8 – Emmett McDonnell Year 9 – Irteza Israq Years10/11 – Kelly Hopkinson Sixth Form – Deanna Martin. Even the staff got involved with an anonymous winner from Kemp. The overall winners were Wright, narrowly beating Owen to the top spot.

The final event was the 3 Legathon. There was a great atmosphere down on the bottom field with lots of closely contended races from the Houses. The staff race was a highlight with a faster than lightning partnership from Mr Wright and Mr Boswell! When the totals were put together, Kemp again came out on top!

Below are the scores – the leaderboard is totally unrecognisable as the different houses flourished and floundered through the events:

In 5th place with 323 points – HANBURY

In 4th place with 349 points – CAVENDISH

In 3rd place with 409 points – OWEN

In 2nd place with 451 points – KEMP

In 1st place with 455 points (only 4 points in it!!) – WRIGHT

The Houses have been working hard to put their fashion collections together and I am sure we will have a brilliant end to the term with the fashion show today.

It is still all to play for and I am sure we are all looking forward to what is in store for us next term!

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