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Bates get Pampered


Last weekend, Trent held a Pamper Day for the girls of Bates House to enjoy! With lots of treatments available including manicures, pedicures, foot spas and massages galore, we ensured all of our girls felt completely relaxed and well and truely 'pampered'.

Agnes Lau of Bates house said 'I had two treatments – Toe nail art and a mini body massage. Its the first time I have ever had crystals on my toes and they look really pretty! My mini body massage was great and I felt very relaxed. I really enjoyed the day as we could all relax together in our common room! - Thank you Mrs Daykin.'

Emma Kok also enjoyed the day and explained, "For the pedicure I had my nails cut and reshaped then I got to have a foot bath, it was extremely relaxing!! Once my feet had soaked, I had the paraffin wax - it was like candle wax and made my feet feel really nice and soft. I then had a foot massage using moisturising cream so my feet were even softer! To finish off the pedicure I got my nails painted. I chose a really nice purple colour and a stick on transfer".

Im sure they are all looking forward to whatever other activities our boarding activity programme has in stall for them!

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