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Trent College Inspires Careers of the Future

Careers Events

Trent inspired pupils to explore new possibilities during a dedicated STEM Week (3rd to 7th December), which featured a programme of events and speakers aimed at attracting girls and boys to the diverse career opportunities within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Why STEM Week?

With Engineering UK’s 2017 annual report predicting an increased demand for STEM skills in the future, while also reporting a 20,000 shortfall in engineering graduates every year, it is more important than ever to generate interest for STEM subjects in schools and narrow the gap between supply and demand.

Last year 30% of Year 13 students at Trent applied to study STEM related degrees at university. Head of Careers Fiona Starbuck explains why educating pupils about STEM opportunities is key: “We are determined that every student will leave Trent with the transferable skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive workforce. STEM careers will be vital for the ongoing growth of the UK and world economy, which is why we work hard to keep pupils informed of the breadth of careers in this area and the routes available to them.”

The Programme of Events

STEM Week launched on Tuesday 4th and began with a day of interactive workshops run by Medical Mavericks. In the quest to experience healthcare in action, pupils tackled a variety of exciting, hands-on challenges including:

  • Taking blood from a fake arm
  • Conducting an ECG
  • Trying out double vision goggles
  • Viewing their body through an ultrasound
  • Carrying out keyhole surgery

Pupils from the local community also had the opportunity to benefit from this valuable experience, with a number of local schools attending the event.

Our Careers department continued on their mission to promote STEM to the next generation with a line-up of fascinating careers talks. Professionals from a range of STEM fields visited the school and spoke to pupils about their own career paths. Topics covered included:

  • What it takes to become a Google Cloud Engineer
  • Pursuing a technical career in the film industry
  • Experiences as a Rolls-Royce Apprentice

Through hearing these personal experiences, pupils gained a deeper understanding of STEM careers and learned more about the dynamic opportunities available to them in this sector.

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