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Choosing respect during Anti-Bullying Week

Whole School Programme

At Trent College there is a zero tolerance policy on bullying and pupils regularly go above and beyond to show empathy and compassion to one another. Nevertheless, participating in a range of activities for Anti-Bullying Week (12-16 October 2018) was an ideal opportunity for students from across all of the year groups to keep the profile of anti-bullying at the forefront of their minds.

Raising awareness of the support available within our school community took place during focused assemblies and tasks in morning registration. Active reminders were also visible in the form of posters from the Lower School anti-bullying poster competition as well as staff and students alike wearing their ‘Beat Bullying’ lanyards and stickers with pride.

Within the classrooms, lessons have creatively incorporated the theme and highlighting the importance of considering other people’s experiences and feelings. Drama lessons for Year 7 and 8 included acting out bullying scenarios to demonstrate what to do and how to act if the situation ever arose. While the English department hosted a creative writing competition on the theme of bullying for Years 7 and 8, while Year 9 students used a poem as a stimulus to write from different points of view.

At Trent College we are always looking to build upon our existing work against bullying which is why Year 8, 10 and 12 pupils were invited to complete surveys this week to help identify potential areas for further improvement. Students will hear about the results of the surveys and be kept informed of any outputs as a result of their feedback.

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