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Pupils Inspired by Passionate Debates at Trent MUNGA

Academic Careers

On Monday students in Years 10 and 12 joined forces to debate in the Trent College Model United Nations General Assembly (MUNGA) 2018.

Representing a selection of UN countries, pupils worked in teams to prepare arguments in favour or against current global issues including the right to bear arms, prison overcrowding, the selling of recreational drugs and the possible global adoption of a two child policy.

All students spoke with great skill and passion, qualities that will no doubt prove useful in future career-related applications, and demonstrated a sound knowledge of the topics they were debating. Best speaker awards were given to Josh and Petru, representatives of Saudi Arabia and Romania respectively, whilst the award for best dressed team went to Nigeria representatives Royeke and Fayoke. 

Many congratulations to all who took part, in particular the event organisers from our Leadership service group: James, Ethan, Sinan and Harry.

MUNGA encourages young people to take their public-speaking and debating skills to the next level by recreating a UN General Assembly conference within the classroom. Students are required to represent their adopted country's views during each debate, making this activity a great opportunity to enhance academic research skills and explore new, unfamiliar perspectives.

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