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Head Congratulates Students After Strong GCSE Performance

Academic Exams

Trent College Head, Mr Bill Penty, has congratulated the school’s students for maintaining the percentage of GCSE grades at A*-A and passes at A*-C as results were announced today (Thursday 24 August). 

In the subjects receiving the established letter grading, 71% of students’ results were graded at A*-B, with 43% in the top A*-A grade bands. Meanwhile, in the new number graded subjects of Maths, English Language and English Literature, designed to introduce a greater level of stretch and challenge, 94% of students’ grades have been marked at 9-4 (the equivalent of A*-C).

Trent College students especially excelled in Maths, with 50% of all grades scored at 7 and above (the equivalent of A*-A), and 95% at 4 and above (the equivalent of A*-C). Of those students who sat Further Maths, 91% achieved the ultimate A ‘power' (unique to this subject) or A*-A.

In addition, the top Year 10 Maths set, who have taken their GCSE a year early, sealed 100% of grades at 9-7 (the equivalent of A*-A), with an impressive 43% securing a 9, a grade now more difficult to attain than a previously awarded A*.

Music scholar, Daniel Fawcett, was the school’s top performer, collecting 7A*s, A power and 2 x 8s. The talented oboe player and pianist is a member of the Nottingham Youth Orchestra and the school wind band and symphony orchestra.

Daniel, who will now stay at Trent College to study A Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Music, said: “I'm pleasantly surprised. I was hoping to do well but I've done better than I thought I would. 

“English especially surprised me, I wasn't expecting an 8. We knew 8s would roughly be equivalent to an A* so to open the envelope and see that I was very happy. The music definitely gives me a release from the study, it's a nice break from the work.”

Millie Haslam, who is also staying at Trent College for A Levels, was one student to claim a new 9 in Maths, alongside 2 x 8s in the English subjects, 5A*s and an A. 

She said: “To get a 9 in Maths was really good because all three of those subjects were so much harder. Because the Maths exam was so different to the past GCSE, in that it's more problem solving, we did loads of made up papers to prepare, as there are no past papers to give you an idea of what to expect. All that practice paid off. 

“I didn't sleep much last night but I've been blocking it out because we're going to the Leeds Festival this afternoon so I've been putting all my attention on preparing for that to try to forget results day was coming!”

When it comes to the English subjects, Ellis Cullen, who has been at Nottingham Forest Ladies FC since she was eight and made her reserve team debut against Mansfield last weekend, scored a 9 for Literature amongst 2 x 7s, 1A*, 1A and 4Bs.

She said: “I was made up with the 9, it was quite a moment seeing that in the first year they have ever been awarded, I didn't expect it. I think it was the poetry aspect that pulled me through on that exam. I worked really hard on trying to learn all the poetry quotations, which helped me to pick up those last few marks.

“It has been hard to balance all the study with my football but I’ve used my time well. I planned my time after I got home carefully, being organised and ready for the work I needed to do.”

Alongside Daniel, Alex Nathaniel was one of three Trent College students to pick up 7A*s this year, the other being international boarding student, Lucy Ge. Alex has been heavily involved in the school’s extra curricular computing programmes. With an additional A power in Further Maths and 2 x 6s in English, he is looking forward to being able to carry this on by studying for A Levels in Computing, Maths, Further Maths and Physics in Sixth Form.

He said: “The last two years have been a whirlwind; I was surprised and very, very happy with my results. I wasn't 100% sure I was going to do as well as I did. I want to work in computer science when I'm older. Since I was about 11 I started being interested in computing and the subjects I want to study at A Level complement that. Maths is core to working out the logic and Physics is useful to go into how computers work at a base level with logic gates too.” 

As well as Maths, the school’s creativity has also shone through this year with 64% of Art grades at A*-A. Meanwhile, amongst some of Trent College’s other individual standout performers were Harry Finney (6A*s, 2As, 2 x 7s), Katie Hill (6A*s, 1A, 1 x 8, 2 x 7) and Cameron Hammond (6A*s, A power, 2As, 6, 5). 

Mr Penty concluded: “There was expected volatility across the exam system this year with both the new style A Levels and GCSE number gradings coming in. It is very pleasing, therefore, that both our A Level and GCSE students have demonstrated their robustness in the face of uncertainty and performed at the levels they have. 

“The majority of GCSE students are now coming back to Trent College Sixth Form in September and we look forward to supporting them in all their academic and extra-curricular endeavours over the next two years.”

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