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Trent College Welcomes a Year of GCSE Achievement

Academic Exams

Trent College is very proud of its students’ GCSE performance in a year which sees for the first time the introduction of the new, more challenging 9-1 number grade system in English, English Literature and Maths.

More rigorous GCSEs in these three subjects started being taught in September 2015, with 9 the highest achievable grade and the Government qualifying 4 as a ‘standard’ pass and 5 a ‘strong’ pass. The number of 9s will be far fewer than the number of entries previously awarded an A*.

In this first year, 94% of Trent College students’ grades in the three newly graded subjects have been marked at 9-4 (the equivalent of A*-C). 

The top set mathematicians in Year 10 have also taken this new qualification a year early, and they achieved an impressive 100% pass of grades achieved at 7-9 (the equivalent of A*-A), with 43% securing the elusive top grade 9, a level the government has pitched above the former A* grade.

In all of the other subjects that received the established letter grading, 71% of students’ results were graded as A*-B, with 43% in the top A*-A grade bands. The overall A*-C (or equivalent) pass rate is 91.2%.

The vast majority of students will now continue on to Trent College Sixth Form from September, studying three new-style A Levels over two years, with a few of the highest achievers opting for a fourth.

All GCSE subjects will be graded 9-1 by summer 2019. 

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