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Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Qualifying Expedition

Extra Curricular

Just before half-term, 56 pupils from Year 10 travelled to the Peak District for their Bronze qualifying expedition.

Starting at Hassop Station, just north of Bakewell, the nine groups set off in different directions to complete a minimum of six hours out on expedition each day. This meant covering between 12-14kms on their chosen routes, ending up at different campsites in the Monyash area.

The weather turned out to be hot and dry, which was very pleasant to sit around in, but posed its own challenges for the pupils as they trekked along with their large rucksacks. Despite the occasional navigational error, all the groups made it to their campsites in decent order on the first evening, then set up their tents and cooked meals to replenish their energy reserves.

The night was as clear and beautiful as the daytime, so Day Two dawned bright and early with a cloudless sky. The groups had been told to set off at 0700, an hour earlier than originally planned, in order to try to avoid walking in the hottest part of the day. There were no real dramas on this second day and all the groups arrived as planned at the end point where they had a debrief with their Assessors. This also included giving their formal presentations on an aspect they had been studying as they trekked around, covering topics such as the weather conditions, the types of landuse in the Peak District and the impact of tourism on the area.

Post-expedition discussions over, everyone headed back to Trent for the big kit clean-up and return, before dispersing for half-term

Congratulations to all the pupils who took part. They completed the routes effectively and in good spirits. The task now is for them to complete the Bronze Award (all four sections) through eDofE. If they want to continue on to the Silver Award in Year 11, this needs to be done by 1 July. Thanks to the three assessors who assessed the groups (Paul, Graham and Mr Prince) Thanks also to the volunteer team of Trent staff supervisors who once again monitored and encouraged the pupils with such care and expertise.

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