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Wellow House pupils visit Trent College for Activity Day


We were delighted to welcome 15 Year 7 and 8 students from Wellow House School to join us for an Activity Challenge Day on 13th June. Hearts were beating fast and the screams were quite loud, but the rain held off and everybody had a fun, adventurous and challenging time.

The day was led by Trent College’s outdoor activity team, Paul Saville and Justine Rimmington, ably supported by Year 13 student, Richard Taylor.  It started at Trent’s High Rope Activity Centre.  Wellow House pupils were split into two groups, one half to attempt the ‘Crate Stack’ and the other, the ‘High All-Aboard’.

Both activities took courage and determination, with students needing to collaborate and work as a team. A new Trent College record was made with Fred and Hohay on ‘Crate Stack’ managing to build and balance on an awesome tower of 23 milk crates. There were a few tense moments as they teetered on the way up but they managed to work together and hold on, before the tower eventually collapsed and they were left “hanging”!

‘High All-Aboard’ on the other hand, saw teams of 3 at a time attempting to climb an impressive 7-metre-tall pole and stand on a 60 centimetre square platform nailed to the top. Team members had to climb one at a time and balance at the top for others to join them. It took a good head for heights and lots of encouragement for everyone to reach the platform and take in the best view there is of Trent College! The only way down was to hold hands, trust your team mates and fall backwards into space. Jess White, French and PE teacher at Wellow House School, said afterwards, “I am so glad I did it, now that I am back down!”

Once everybody had faced their fears and beaten them, there were lots of hungry children. Lunch was in the Upper Obolensky and the Wellow House students were joined by some current Year 7 children, studying at Trent College. There was an opportunity to recharge and chat about life at Trent and the activities and opportunities that are available here.

The afternoon’s activities were more relaxed with everyone’s feet firmly on the ground, competing in various team problem solving challenges. It was battle of the sexes, as the girls split into one team to compete against the boys at ‘Spider Web’ and ‘Minefield Maze’. Each activity involved working together to complete a challenge, often with the added difficulty element of not being able to talk or instruct others! Pupils had to decide on a plan and a communication method and then work together to execute it.

There were mixed results, but all the girls successfully got through the ‘Spider’s Web’ without using up their 3 lives, and the boys managed to complete Level 8 (the hardest level of difficulty) to traverse the ‘Minefield Maze’, with a minimal level of casualties! 

The day ended with a debrief in the Devonshire Library, where children had a chance to reflect on what they had learned about themselves and how they had been helped or themselves supported and encouraged others. Everybody left with smiles on their faces and a sense of pride in all that they had accomplished.

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