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Trent College students visit Pompeii

Academic Trips

A group of students in years 9-12 visited the historic city of Pompeii over the Easter break as part of Trent College’s enrichment and academic opportunities. The students enjoyed a four-day trip to Italy to discover more about classical civilisation.

The tour of the region started with a visit to the Solfatara volcanic crater and the Pozzuoli Flavian amphitheatre – the third largest in Roman Italy built by the same architects as the Colosseum in Rome. Students could see first-hand how buildings had been submerged under sea and how the landscape changed to volcanic activity.

Over the following days the group visited Herculaneum demonstrating how much debris was ejected from the Vesuvius eruption; saw beautiful mosaic work, frescoes and colonnades at Villa Poppaea at Opolontis; before going on to explore the hotel town of Vico Equense with stunning views across the Bay of Naples. Most days were wrapped up with a well-earned gelato!

Before heading home, the students climbed Vesuvius with amazing views across the Bay of Naples and into the crater of the volcano which destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum. They had a final pizza lunch before Naples Archaeological Museum to see artefacts from the sites.

Trent College offers Classical Civilisation both as GCSE and A Level options.  The subject looks at aspects of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds, engaging pupils in ancient culture, society, history, artefacts, architecture, myths and literature.

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