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Ready, Steady, Bake!

Extra Curricular

FANS (food and nutritional skills) for Life is a club with an ambition to ensure our students are equipped with basic cooking skills.

Held every Monday evening the club of Year 13 students meet and discuss food preparation, cooking techniques and recipes. The aim is to build up their experience and prepare them with life essential skills for the when they leave home and potentially go off to university.   

It is also an opportunity for the students to take part in an activity that is not assessed, and is conducted in a more relaxed atmosphere.

What our students had to say about why they enjoy FANS for Life:

 “I wanted to learn how to cook and prepare new foods that I could make for my family and friends.  My favourite dish so far has been the Tomato, Mozzarella and Pesto Tart"

“FANS for Life is not only a great club to go to for learning baking and cooking skills, but it has also given me a relaxing place to be where I don’t need to worry about things not going well, or have the pressures of normal lessons. All of my dishes have turned out well so far which I’m really happy about“

 “Since coming to the club I now feel more confident about cooking simple recipes that I wouldn’t otherwise have tried by myself“

“I wanted to join FANS for Life as I love baking and cooking, and I wanted to learn how to make interesting dishes for university. Learning how to make my own Chicken Nuggets from scratch was brilliant and I was really surprised how tasty they were, and how easy they were to make.  A much healthier option than fast food!”


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