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Trent College students prepare for Canada expedition

Extra Curricular

On 10 July this year, thirteen Trent students and three members of staff will depart on an 18 day expedition to the Rockies in Canada. During the trip students and staff will have the chance to try their hand at hiking, canyoneering, and canoeing. Some of the trip highlights include: Lake Louise, Lake Moraine, and the Wapta Glacier. The group will also be attending the world-famous Calgary Stampede. The event attracts over 1.2 million visitors each year and is billed as ‘The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’.

The expedition will be very physically demanding and many of the activities will present new and exciting challenges for the group. In order to prepare, students and staff will be meeting regularly to do fitness exercises in the school gym. There will also be a training expedition to Bamford in the Peak District this March. This mini-expedition will give the group the opportunity to spend time living and cooking together, and to complete some team building activities. However, the sole aim of the trip is not just to present students with a physical challenge. Through exploring a new environment, participants will learn more about the history, culture and geography of the country. In readiness for the expedition, the students have been busy researching these topics and presenting their findings to the rest of the group.

The students are encouraged to fundraise to cover some of the expedition costs. There have been many creative ideas for raising funds; however, Mr Shuttleworth has thrown down the gauntlet with the ‘100 Can Challenge’. Students and staff are scouting their local area, hoping to find at least 100 cans each week which can be sold for scrap metal. So far the total stands at an impressive figure of over 3,000 cans. There is a lot to do prior to departure and so the fundraising and training continues.


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