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TPA Quiz Night

Parents' Association

David Singleton hosted this fabulous quiz night - featuring various rounds including ones on general knowledge, Olympics, music and so many more.

Once everyone had chance to grab a drink from the bar and have a quick chat with old & new friends, it was straight down to business by getting stuck into the two quiz sheets on the table. One was a photo round and the other was a ditloid round, (I didn't know either - an example is '4W and a F' = ?*). 

The room got noisier as time went on as there were twenty tables full of parents and their friends answering questions, and, at one point a sporadic Twelve Days of Xmas sing-along took place! We enjoyed an ‘Almost Pointless’ round which took a great deal of concentration and one challenging round which really tested us - for example work out 'the number of legs on a scorpion'  x 'the wings on a dragonfly' = ? - this was the easiest question of this round! We had a busy cash bar and a fantastic fish and chip supper, plus a huge fruit platter & brownies! The winning table was Table no.17 – huge congratulations to you. The table who came twentieth graciously accepted a wooden spoon plus a tub of Celebrations to help ease their pain!

The TPA also supported the school by raising an amazing £600 for the Kenyan Charity Trust, so a big, big thank you for spending on our raffle for the James Cracknall signed top. We hold a quiz night each November and would love to see you at our next one. But keep a close eye on the website for our next event before then.

* For those of you wondering it's Four Weddings and a Funeral!

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