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Trent College Celebrates A level Success


Trent College students are celebrating another year of high achievement as A level results were released on Thursday (18 August).

An impressive 62.5% of all entries at the Long Eaton independent school were graded as A*-B - with 32% of all grades at the top A* or A rankings. The school’s overall pass rate is an enviable 99.4%.

This is significantly above the East Midlands regional average, where 23% of entrants achieved A or higher and 49% B or higher.

One of this year’s top Trent College performers was Jacob Bashir who secured 3 A*s plus one A grade.  He said: “I was hoping for these sort of results, but you never really know how you’ve got on, so I am really pleased.

“I’m going on to study medicine at Newcastle University which is my top choice. It’s very exciting, as I’ve wanted to study Medicine since around Year 10/11. Volunteering at a local care home through the school Community Service programme and taking part in the Derby Hospex programme were both inspiring – and now I’m really happy to be actually going on to study Medicine!”

Jacob is one of 5 students from this year’s leavers to gain their place to study Medicine at university (Emily Thomson, Usman Ahsan, Emogene Shaw, Claudia Zizzo).

Emmy Shaw, who secured her place with 1 A* and 3 As said: “I’m very relieved! I thought Chemistry was tough, so I wasn’t quite sure what my results would be – but they are what I hoped for, I’ve got into my first choice university!  I worked really hard but you always feel maybe you could have done more.  I’m going to study Medicine at Newcastle University; it’s also really exciting that three of us from Trent will be going together. 

I moved to Trent in Year 10 as I was looking for more support in the Sciences and I really feel that I got that here and I was totally re-enthused about the subjects.  I really had a lot of support from the school in my A Level courses and especially in what I needed to do for my application to study Medicine – such as specialist workshops and having a doctor come into school to give advice on writing my personal statement.”

Emily Thompson, (A*AB and going to Nottingham University), added: “It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, I’m shocked, I can’t really believe it! I’ve been here since I was two and a half because I started in The Elms Nursery – I don’t think I’d have done as well elsewhere as there is so much to prepare and so much work to do especially for Medicine. I wouldn’t have got through the application process without all of the help from my teachers. There was a lot to juggle! I still managed to enjoy other school activities though, I even managed to take part in two shows with Drama during Sixth Form!”

Two of the school’s sporting stars were also able to comment today on their academic achievements, a relief after juggling training and commitments outside school.

Zyggy Chmiel, a pupil since Year 5 at The Elms and a member of the Junior GB Kayaking Team, said of his 2 A*s, an A and a B: “ I am pleased; it is as expected but could have gone either way, so I’m pleasantly surprised.  I’ve had to work hard and be organised around my sport commitments and school has been helpful with flexibility around my training.  I’ll be going to study Maths at Nottingham University which is my top choice.”

Sam Apoola, a star of school hockey who has also played at international level, secured 2 A*s and 1A.  Sam commented: “I’m happy with my results, it is what I was aiming for, now I’ll be going to Leeds University, which is my first choice, to study Mechanical Engineering.

I’ve balanced my hockey with my studies and look forward to continuing to do so as I’ll be joining the university hockey team and Leeds Hockey Club.  Along with my degree, the next big aim for me is to represent England at under 21 level.”

Two students who have done exceptionally well after moving schools to join the Trent College Sixth Form are Chris Hill and Joseph Gray who will be taking up places to study at Oxford and Cambridge respectively.

Chris (A*A*AC) who will now be taking up his place as a Choral Scholar at Oxford University, studying Music, said: “I’m still in shock! I’ve been waiting all week – but you could definitely say I’m pleased with my results!  I only came here to Trent for my final year, I really wanted to move here for the Music which is brilliant. It was a challenge moving half way through my studies, but everyone has been very helpful and accommodating. I’ve always enjoyed singing so thought I would apply for the Choral Scholarship at Oxford – I had to spend about a week there in total going through all the interviews and auditions, now I just need to prepare myself for actually going!”

Joseph Gray (4A*s) added: “The results are what I aimed for, I worked hard to get them!  Further Maths was my best achievement as it was the most challenging.  I really enjoyed both Maths and Physics and I’ll be going on to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge - this will give me good flexibility for the future as I have no idea of what career I want to go into yet! I’ve enjoyed my time at Trent, it was easier than I thought it would be to settle in as everyone is so friendly so I could just get straight into my studies.”

Chris and Joseph are two of four Oxbridge candidates this year from Trent College, all of whom have secured their places after receiving their results today; the others are Daniel Tong (Maths, Cambridge) and Matthew Gibson (Music, Oxford).

There was a great buzz in the school library this morning with pupils excited to receive positive results and have confirmation of their university places.

Charlotte Gale commented: “I am very happy to have 4A’s. I’ll be studying Maths and Finance next at Exeter University.  I have been here for 16 years as I joined The Elms Nursery, so I can’t really believe I am leaving and I am quite sad to go, but university will be exciting!” 

Mr Bill Penty, Head of Trent College, concluded: “I am delighted by the strength of today’s results, and am very pleased for all of our pupils who are leaving to go on to some excellent university courses and to exciting futures.  All that they have done academically sits alongside some wonderful achievements in a whole range of other spheres, one of the many strengths of Trent College.”

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