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Year 9 Challenge Week

Extra Curricular

Year 9 gathered for a celebration assembly. Imagine the scene: the whole year group in the Chapel, their tutors too; pupils alert and interested, smiling and laughing, picking out their favourites from what was happening at the front.

And what were the pupils at the front doing? Well, they were spinning plates on sticks! And why? We wanted to offer Year 9 the opportunity to engage in an activity which required a growth mindset and then discuss the results and successes with them.

The premise was simple: offer them a challenge revolving around a skill that most would not have, make participation voluntary after a short compulsory period of engagement, offer no external motivation or reward, and then monitor engagement and success at the task. And engaged they were.

Through data collected during the challenge week we were able to demonstrate to them that success is very often related to the time or effort you put in. All were without skill at the start, and those who succeeded were the ones who had the grit and internal motivation to stick at the challenge for longer. 

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