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Planning for the Future


On Thursday 16th and Friday 17th June, Trent College hosted its annual ‘Planning for the Future’ Days’ to kick start the decision-making process regarding post Trent options for Year 12.

In addition, to the trip to a UCAS fair and Sheffield University on Friday, on Thursday afternoon the school was delighted to be able to host an eight man team from Rolls Royce, which complemented perfectly carousel tutorials held in the morning on ‘How to choose a university course’, Personal Statement writing, Interview Skills, ‘Apprenticeships-a realistic option’, along with ‘Charting what happens and when over the next 18 months’.

Mark Field, Head of Careers and Entry to Higher Education at Trent, explains “the Rolls Royce team engaged our students immediately with an excellent team building event, similar to those commonly held by company assessment centres and therefore relevant to all, regardless of whether they are planning on pursuing an apprenticeship or a more traditional university degree on leaving Trent College. Bridges were built both literally and metaphorically as teams of six students per table engaged and interacted in order to design the best bridge/chute with limited resources such as paper, scissors and golf balls, to name a few. The chute that most reliably allowed a golf ball to be rolled down it won the contest”.

“The Rolls Royce team encouraged, dropped gentle hints, advised with great empathy, assessing just how much help was required by the various groups in order for them all to complete something that resembled a bridge/chute.  In conclusion, the afternoon was both educational and fun, and those students, perhaps tired after exams, were full of praise for an afternoon that was educational and entertaining too”.


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