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Wolf-dogs, Wonders and Wilderness


World record holding Polar Explorer and author, Alex Hibbert, recently came to Trent College to talk about his fascinating job and how he has got to where he is today.

Mona Mahdavi Bayazi, year 8 pupil writes “This was more than just a careers talk – is was a fascinating insight into life on the ice. The eager crowd of Years 7 and 8 avidly listened to his experience of polar exploration, a job which many dream of.   A wish turned to reality for Hibbert and the audience alike, by the exciting, fast paced life of doing what you love”. Alex spoke about how his career change and the pursuit of his passion which became a successful job.  We learned about different cultures in the polar regions, and his teams’ small steps to create a relationship of trust and respect between Western explorers and local tribes”.  

Mona continues “Every slide was accompanied by beautiful pictures of traditional wolf-dogs, a hit with many in the audience.  He spoke about his journey, training the dogs for his expedition, working with the locals and the near perils of his trip.  During the talk, traditional items of gloves and clothing made of polar bear skin and even one of their claws were passed around and everyone stared in amazement.  All in all, it was an utterly captivating and innovative way of speaking to the younger generation.  We learned so much and enjoyed the talk. Ultimately, the message was that you should follow what your true passion is and that you can make a successful career out it, no matter how obscure, and this resonated with everyone in the room. I think he may even have inspired some future polar explorers”.


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