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Calling Trent’s Potential Doctors!


For the fourth time this summer we will be opening our doors to the Medical Education Consultancy, who deliver training and advice to students who want to be doctors.

The two day conference (2nd and 3rd July) will cover all aspects of the application process, including work experience, the BMAT and UKCAT, interviews, ethics, and the NHS. We believe that all aspects of the Conference are invaluable, giving students an edge in the increasingly competitive world of medical applications. Students who have attended the conference in recent years have enthused about how useful it has been, and our 5 medical applicants this year with 10 offers between them are testament to the excellent overall preparation and support that Trent provides.

Any student from years 10, 11 or 12 who is genuinely interested in applying to study medicine in the future should sign up for the conference through MedEc themselves. Thanks to their special relationship with Trent, MedEc offer the weekend at 15% off the going rate of £80, making the two-day course incredible value to £68.

Lucy Matthews

Assistant Head (Head of Sixth Form)

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