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Old Trident Andy shares his One Man Climate March with Sixth Form

Alumni (OTs) Assembly

Climate Change, formerly known as Global Warming as Old Trident Andy Clark humorously told the Trent College Sixth Form today, is a topic which features in the news nearly every day.  It’s no surprise then that the students were a little apprehensive about just how different would the information they were about to hear in today’s assembly be to that which they hear so often in the media.

Andy left Trent in 2008.  He has fond memories of his school days, which he attributes to shaping him in to the person he is today, a confident and very well spoken person (well, he does have voice acting on his CV!), passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience of conservation with the younger generation. 

Andy describes himself as a ‘Rock n Roll Conservationist’ and says “I love the world in which we live, and that’s loaded with the pursuit of feeling awesome. What if you could look out at the world and be damn proud of what you saw, because you made it the way it is. And you’ll see hardships along the way, and there will be plenty of nay-sayers trying stop you, but you go on anyway, because making the world a better place makes you feel freakin’ awesome. That’s Rock’N’Roll Conservation.”

He has spent his years since leaving school cultivating the two things that drive him; the Natural World and communication.

Andy studied Biology at the University of St Andrews and went on to the University of York to complete a Masters in Ecology & Environmental Management.  He has worked with Operation Wallacea (Opwall), an environmental research and expeditions organisation, at three of their global conservation field sites, where he indulged his flair for videography as producer and narrator for numerous films on their work.   He has featured as a guest-lecturer for Leeds Beckett University and produced a series for BBC Bitesize. 

He now works freelance, delivering presentations about conservation and climate change one day and planting trees (as he was yesterday) the next.  He is a proud graduate and tutor with Speak Easy UK, which in a nutshell he says "I share my passion for helping people share their passions".

His presentation today to the Sixth Form was a thought provoking subject starting with just how do cows affect our environment to raising a debate about whether or not it would be right to plant genetically modified crops to boost farming in Africa. 

Senior Prefect Isabelle Blatherwick-Lee told Andy how relevant today’s talk was and how she will now consider Climate Change from a different perspective, not only in her Geography class but also in Spanish as it is one of the topics she is studying for her Spanish speaking exam.

Andy is one of many Old Tridents who return to the School, to share their experience of life beyond Trent with today’s pupils.

If you would like to know more about Andy’s work in conservation and his One Man Climate March, please click here.

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