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Field Day


Field Day was another exciting day here at Trent, with students taking part in a wide range of activities. 

Year 12:
On Field Day, 17 Year 12 students donned their best “teacher” outfits and headed over to The Elms to be classroom assistants for the day.  Each student was assigned to a different class, ranging from Reception all the way through to Year 6.  The students spent the whole day with their class and got involved in all aspects of teaching, including marking maths work, reading at Story Time, dissecting a pig’s leg, singing and doing PE.  Two students accompanied the Year 2 field trip to Attenborough nature reserve and helped the younger pupils with pond dipping and finding a “soul tree”.  The Elms teachers sent some fantastic feedback about the Year 12 students – there are definitely some future primary school teachers in the year group!

Leadership Students:
The Year 12 Leadership students divided themselves into two groups to take on Field day challenges. Group 1 was charged with creating a range of fun sporting challenges for Elms reception age children, and Group 2 created a range of cerebral, sporting and team-building activities to fire the imagination of the Year 11 Leadership students. At the same time, our Year 11 cohort was learning how to debate effectively, researching a range of moral issues to support their arguments, and then debating within the Warner. The sense of fun and laughter heard resonating around the sports hall during the afternoon proved that the Elms children were really enjoying themselves!
Special thanks go to our Heads of Leadership; Rudi Reed and Issy Blatherwick-Lee, Trent staff including, Mrs Mayfield, Mrs Nicholls, Mr Boswell and Mr Morgan, as well as our colleagues from The Elms.
Well done all Leadership Students…. Wonderful day!

Year 11 Sports Leadership - RFU Leadership in Rugby:             
Year 11 students took part in their RFU Leadership in Rugby course on Field Day. This involved stepping out of their comfort zones to lead their peers in coaching TAG rugby to each other. Looking at several elements of the course the pupils worked through delivering and planning a warm up and an engaging delivery of a session.
Working through the core values of the Rugby Union and the disciplines needed to deliver a caring and successful session the Year 11 students will be delivering their new found skills to The Elms pupils later in the term.

A Day at the Peak District: 
14 students from Year 11 and Year 12 worked with the Peak District National Park to clear shrubbery and invasive plants from the Tissington trail near Hartington. This improves the security of the trail surface for cyclists and walks and allows the native flora to re-establish itself. The students cleared a 200m section of the trail and experienced some backwoods cooking on an open fire.

Art Department: 
The Art department welcomed pupils from local SEN schools, who came in to take part in collage and drawing workshops with our Trent pupils. It was a busy, fun morning and all pupils benefitted from working with each other on the day.

Macmillan Coffee Morning… Our school also took part in holding a very successful Coffee Morning on Field Day. With help from staff, students and parents the school helped raise over £700 for this fantastic cause. 

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