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The Creation Story...


Pupils regularly tell us that they enjoy learning when lessons are related to real-life scenarios, writes Paul Taylor, Trent College Academic Deputy. From a teacher’s perspective, helping pupils to see connections between what they already know and the subject matter can speed up the learning process.

In the third of a series of articles by Trent pupils, Year 7 pupil Imogen Rafferty explains that what she is studying in Religious Studies is regularly featured in the news. 

In RS we have been studying the creation story. We have looked at how God created the world in six days, talked about the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve, and thought about different views people might take on the topic. But how is this relevant to everyday life today? We have seen one example in the news recently.

Although moral issues rarely feature in UK general elections, they are a common feature of American Presidential races. Let’s consider the case of Scott Walker, the Governor of Wisconsin and one of the favourites to become the Republican candidate for the next Presidential Election. Governor Walker was in the UK in February 2015 leading a successful trade mission which was further boosting his approval ratings. All was going well until the final question at a press conference, where he was asked “Are you comfortable with the idea of evolution? Do you accept it?”

Rather than answer the question directly, Walker decided to dodge it replying “I’m going to punt on that one.” This response only served to highlight what Walker’s religious views may be, a stand point which is viewed as being highly relevant to US voters.

Even today, billions of years after the world came into existence and over 150 years after Darwin published his evolution theory, opinions on creation are still viewed as being highly relevant – as well as controversial - to this world, today.

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