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Dubai Cricket Tour

Sports Cricket

On Sunday 29th March 28 students and 3 teachers from Trent flew out to Dubai.

Once landed they visited the world famous Sevens Stadium and the tourists all enjoyed a cooling visit to the outside pool. Refreshed and rejuvenated the boys proceeded to Chelsea Towers, their apartments for the week.

Tuesday began with an early breakfast and for both teams a trip to Abu Dhabi. The first drop off was the B team who enjoyed a game in the grounds of a luxurious 5 star hotel but for the A’s the first game of the Arch Cup awaited them at one of the pitches near the Zayed Cricket pitch against the ICC academy. Both teams suffered unlucky losses against top opposition but also in extreme weather conditions as temperatures soared to the high 30’s.

Following the game the boys visited the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, which will go down as one of the most memorable moments of the tour. Whilst the boys were engrossed in the culture of the mosque the tour had to continue and what followed showed the teams the modern side to Dubai, the Formula One track. Many of the students enjoyed a walk around the track, whilst others elected a bicycle as a mode of transport however Mr Boswell, Mr Gallagher and Mr Hartley endured a 5k jog. Finishing the day was food at a burger restaurant looking over the track and well-deserved drink for all.

The following day a well-rested team and in addition the newly arrived Mr Benstead who had flown over through the night embarked on a day to the Dubai water park the ‘Wild Wadi’ which boasts some of the most terrifying rides on the planet. Luckily the sun didn't take its toll and no one was severely burnt but all involved thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thursday began like any other with a large breakfast for all however slowly dust began to appear in the air. A sandstorm had hit Dubai and both teams were firmly in the area hit. However the B team still ventured out to the Dubai College were conditions were harsh and vision was limited to only a matter of metres however a close game was enjoyed and a close result was secured but unfortunately it was a defeat. The A team game was postponed in an effort to allow the storm to clear and slowly it did.

Later that day 14 players and 2 teachers left for the Sevens Stadium where Eton waited for shortened 20 over game. Eton batted first posting a score of 110 which was a score Trent felt could be chased down relatively easily yet later it became clear it wasn’t to happen. Matt Kimmit scored some quality runs with the bat scoring him a half-century however the rest of the batters struggled with the conditions and Eton’s bowling and fielding was very strong, unfortunately Trent failed to chase them down, leaving Trent frustratingly beaten.

The following day both teams visited the spectacular mall and got extremely close to the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifa. Following the trip to the mall everyone scrambled into four by fours, which took them to the dessert in preparation for a dessert safari. Following the safari the teams enjoyed a night of traditional Arabian culture with traditional food and dancing.

Both Saturday and Sunday were packed full of matches for both the A and B team who both had games. Memorable performances from Harry Finney who accumulated 60 runs one innings deservedly achieving him man of the match and also Sam Westbrook who gained 4 wickets against the Kenyan Rhinos also gaining him the award for the A team.

At 10:30 on Monday 6th April both teams arrived back safely at Trent College with smiles on their faces even though many were extremely tired due to a night flight. Both teams witnessed an improvement and both individual and team performances were good, hopefully the tour will help both of the teams have a successful season.

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