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Field Day


Field Day here at Trent is always full of variety, take a look at just some of the activities that Trent (& some Elms) got up to.

Community Service…

In the morning, the Community Service students invited Southwolds, Stanton Vale and Brackenfield Special Schools in to Trent College to enjoy the facilities on offer. They spent time with the menagerie of animals in Biology where ‘Speedy Gonzales’, the giant African snail and ‘Pop’ the bearded Dragon, were firm favourites. They also had the chance to play Football, Basketball, Table Tennis and ‘Hoopla’ as well as use up their energy on the ‘crash’ mats in the Sports Hall. They banged the drums in Music and played on the laptops in ICT.

As it was Mother’s Day the following Sunday, the visiting pupils got very creative in the Library decorating plant pots with stickers and bows etc. before adding a potted plant to take home as a Mother’s Day gift. In addition, they also made ‘Daffodil Windmills’ to take home. They thoroughly enjoyed the activities and we’re sure there were some very happy mothers receiving their gifts.

One of the highlights for our visitors is having lunch with our students in the Obolensky and their favourite is always Fish & Chips on Field Day Friday’s.

Once the visitors had returned to their schools, our pupils headed out to Newstead Abbey, the birthplace of the Poet Lord Byron. They walked around the beautiful gardens, including the Japanese, Spanish and French Gardens, where Ms Dobson particularly liked the hedged-lawns. They walked along the side of the lake and were very fortunate to see the Peacocks, especially since one of them was more than happy to show off his tail feathers to them, whilst the Peahen showed no interest whatsoever!

The weather was very kind to us and we were lucky to have sunshine for most of the day. Another happy and successful Field Day had by all.

Chester Zoo…

Year 9 visited Chester Zoo to consolidate their knowledge of classification by studying some of the vertebrates in the collection at the zoo. Amongst other activities, pupils visited the giraffes and onager enclosures to discover reasons for the onager being thought of as more closely related to the giraffe than it is, at first sight, to the zebra.

Pupils also investigated the conservation status of a variety of birds, amphibia and mammals kept at the zoo; they were impressed by the horns of the scimitar-horned oryx (now extinct in the wild) and amazed by the bright colours of the dart frogs which secrete poisons from their skin as a defence mechanism.

Despite there being a spot or two of rain when we arrived, spirits were high as pupils began their investigations. With a few cups of coffee on board for warmth and a brightening sky, the day continued to improve.

Life-Saving Skills…

20 students had a great day experiencing lifesaving/rescue speed boat handling and canoeing. The group all got to ‘helm’ the speed boats and enjoyed the canoeing greatly. The students had to learn how to launch the boats correctly and how to get them back out of the water onto their respective trailers too – no mean feat!

The afternoon finished with a talk on CPR and a demonstration on how to use a defibrillator.

Many thanks to the excellent volunteers from the Beeston and Stapleford Lifesaving Club who ran the course – the students thoroughly enjoyed their day out.

Kenya Service Team…

For Field Day the Kenya service team, involving students from Year 11 and Year 12, participated in fundraising to raise money and awareness of the charity and our partnership with two Kenyan schools. We held these events in the May Hall and on the top field, where we had a cake sale with hot drinks and a penalty shoot-out. 

We raised £367.44 with special thanks to everyone who helped on the day and supported us by baking so many delicious cakes and treats.



Year 2 visit Trent on Field day

We have been training some Year 11 & 12 students throughout the year in all aspects of Leadership theory.

Field day allowed them to put the theory into practice and be in charge of running an activity afternoon for the Year 2 pupils from The Elms. The theme was Knights and Castles as this is what they are currently studying.

They were split into their different houses and the Year 11 and 12 students ran 4 competitions with 'Team Falcon' being the overall winner.

At the end of the afternoon, the pupils watched a play that the Year 11 and 12 students had also written and directed. The theme was still Knights and Castles but explored PSHE topics such as honesty and integrity. This also proved to be highly amusing and firmly age appropriate.

Quote from Alison Kent (Head of Year 2)
"Thanks so much for this afternoon. The children loved it. I was very impressed with the thought and organisation which had obviously gone into it by the Year 11s.12s. Put our names down for next year."


Year 11 pupils instruct some Tag Rugby skills to the Year 4

12 Year 11 boys who have been doing the RFU Leadership course as part of their service activity took the Year 4 pupils for some fun games and activities based around Tag Rugby. The group of boys and girls all took part and learned some of the skills necessary to play the game.

The second half of the morning saw the Year 4 pupils take part in a mini Tag competition and were able to implement some of the skills on display in the morning.

Fun was had by all and the Year 4 pupils showed excellent commitment and gameplay.

The Year 4 teachers were very impressed by the ability of the senior boys to interact with all the pupils, both boys and girls, and ensure they all were involved.

Well done the Year 11 boys who showed their leadership and role model skills to full effect today.

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