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Birthday Celebrations at Trent

Year 7

Going into Year 7 can be a scary time, new friends, new teachers and a new environment. Here at Trent we aim, in any way possible, to make that transition as smooth as possible.

Mr Graeme Wright, Head of Senior School comments “Every month I meet the Year 7s for an informal Birthday Party”.

This gathering is aimed at bringing the pupils together to not only celebrate the fact that their birthday is during a particular month but gives the pupils and Mr Wright the opportunity to discuss life at Trent so far.

Keeping in style with a birthday party, Mr Wright organises cakes, crisps and lemonade.

“All the pupils certainly enjoy the cakes – just as importantly, however, it gives them a chance to reflect on what they particularly enjoy about being at Trent.” Mr Wright continued.

“I really liked Mr Wright’s birthday party because I found out what lessons people enjoyed and what they didn't. Also, I enjoyed finding our interesting facts about other people. I enjoyed eating cake”

Ellie, Year 7

“I really enjoyed Mr Wright’s birthday party as it was still quite early in the year and I did not know everyone, so it was brilliant to get to know new people”

Josh, Year 7

“Mr Wright’s party was very good for everyone who went, as we got to know each other better. We had a variety of crisps and some lemonade. There was also time to share what we enjoyed at Trent and what we could improve on and how we think we could do it. We also said a little about ourselves and what we liked and disliked”

Kian, Year 7

“I thought Mr Wright’s birthday party was very nice we had very nice food and drinks. The one thing I loved at the party was saying what we liked about Trent. The party was amazing”

Urshika, Year 7


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