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Holocaust Survivor

Extra Curricular

During March we welcomed Holocaust survivor Simon Winston to Trent to share his story with us.

Simon was born in 1938 in a small town called Radzivillov, then part of Poland, now in the Ukraine, and was forced to live in a ghetto with his family and thousands of other Jewish people.

He told us the incredible story of his family’s escape from the ghetto and life hiding in nearby farms where they managed to stay until the war ended.

Students, parents and teachers were held in silent astonishment as we heard Simon tell his story of the brutality that Jewish people experienced due to ignorance and prejudice. He highlighted to us the importance of being understanding of others and most importantly acting out when we witness something we do not agree with.

After his talk many members of the audience signed our ‘Make Your Mark’ petition, showing that we will stand together against prejudice in our school community. Following this a small group of students and teachers had a meal with Simon and were able to ask him more detailed questions about his experience, as well as his opinion on other social issues that we witness today.

We were very proud to be able to facilitate this amazing opportunity for the school and were thrilled to see over 250 people filling the chapel in order to take advantage of this experience. As Mr Penty wrote in his newsletter “It was in so many respects the most important of lessons that has been taught here this year”.

Article written by Hannah Smith and Keelan White, Year 13


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