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Sixth Form and Trent College

Sixth Form Events

“The simple delivery of a body of knowledge is no longer enough.” That is the view of Trent College Head, Mr Bill Penty, as the school invites prospective Sixth Form students to get ‘Behind the Scenes’ next month.

On Saturday 7th and Saturday 21st March Trent College Sixth Form opens its doors for those pupils looking at Year 12 options both for September and beyond to meet current students and teachers, getting the chance to quiz them on their experiences and discuss possible subject, Higher Education and career options and pathways.

Trent College has evolved its Sixth Form curriculum in recent years to reflect the changing skills students will need to get the best possible preparation for ultimate success in a rapidly evolving global society.

With an overall A-level exam pass rate of 99.2% in 2014 and an impressive 68% of all students’ results graded as A*- B, the school’s academic achievements remain as important as ever.

But with the opportunity to supplement A-levels with BTEC course options, photography from September, Open University Science Modules, creative writing or an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), a largely self-directed and self-motivated project, the school’s broad curriculum develops more than academic skills.

Mr Penty said: “Pupils have a life ahead that remains in their imagination. Many will do jobs that don’t yet exist using technologies not yet developed. They will move in a society whose frontiers, both physical and mental, will have shifted. Today’s pupils need to learn the skills that will allow them to operate in this brave new world.

“Our job is to make sure the best teaching brings about the highest quality of learning across all subjects, leading ultimately to outcomes in public exams that are as strong as they can be for each individual, but not done exclusively and at the expense of all the other things that form part of a meaningful all-round education.”

Trent College’s Sixth Form curriculum mirrors the ambitions of its extra-curricular activities in encouraging students to be inquisitive, courageous and challenge status quos in preparing them for tomorrow’s tomorrow whatever their interests. Individual pathways are central to a student’s academic and co-curricular success.

Our school is a happy, flourishing co-educational independent school, which strives to enable young people to achieve their absolute personal bests. The school’s Wortley Sixth Form Centre is the focal point of the Sixth Form community, modeled on facilities found at universities and providing exceptional areas for both study and social contact.

The ‘Behind the Scenes’ Sixth Form events run from 9.30am-12pm. To reserve your place on either of these dates, contact our Admissions Manager, Helen Pearce-McNeill, on 0115 849 4950. For more information about Sixth Form at Trent College, click here.


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