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Library Guest and All Things Harry Potter ....


When Trent met Sally Gardner

Sally Gardner joined us on her promotional tour of her new book The Door That Led to Where, a fast paced thriller with a touch of time travel. She entertained & inspired our students with a thought provoking talk about her experiences of growing up with dyslexia and how she followed her dreams to become a successful writer & author.

Sally ended the talk with a poem about how she feels about dyslexia, which was amazing. Sally has written a number of books for young people including the Carnegie Award winning Maggot Moon which she won in 2013.

Claire Scothern, Head of Library Services at Trent comments, “One of the best author events we have had at
Trent College. Not only did Sally inspire new readers of her books but she made a huge impact on a Year 9 History lesson when students related what they were discussing about counterfactual scenarios to the ‘what ifs’, Sally mentioned in her talk. Yet more evidence of the impact of reading."

Harry Potter Book Night

Hogwarts came to Trent College, when the Devonshire Library was magically transformed with candles, house flags, broomsticks and an entrance at platform 9¾ greeted the lucky 40 students who had got their tickets to the inaugural Harry Potter Book Night.

There was even Butter Beer and sorting hat biscuits made by our amazing catering department.
After the wizards had supped on Butter Beer, took part in a Diagon Alley Treasure Hunt they got into their houses for the Harry Potter Trivia Challenge. After 6 intense rounds testing their Quidditch & Spells knowledge, Gryffindor came out on top.

Even Albus Dumbledore aka Mr Penty came in to visit.

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