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Food For Uni Club

Extra Curricular

Here at Trent College we offer an all-round education in more ways than one.

The Food for Uni Club, is another prime example of extra-curricular activities that are available to students. The Club is run every Thursday after school and aims to give the students who attend food preparation knowledge and build up their culinary knowledge.

Miss Rigley, teacher here at Trent and co-ordinator of the Food for Uni Club comments “Each week we look at meals the students can cook for not only themselves to enjoy, but for family and friends.

The dishes we prepare aims to give the students the preparation for when they leave home or go off to University.

They learn how to make dishes that include; batters, pastries, cake making methods, chicken preparation advice and how to make their own breadcrumbs, Bolognese with pasta and also bread making methods.”

She continues,“Some of the students have then gone home or back to their boarding house and experimented with what they have learned to cook by producing their own unique take on the dish.”

After half term the club will be making their own pizza dough and toppings. 

Students were asked ‘Why do you come to Food Club?’ and ‘ What has been your favourite dish so far?'

“I wanted to learn how to cook and prepare new foods that I could make for my family and friends. My favourite dish so far has been the Tomato, Mozzarella and Pesto tart”.

“I wanted to learn quick and easy recipes that I could make at University. My favourite dish so far has been the Swiss Roll. This was so easy to make and the results were great”.

“Since coming to the club I now feel more confident about cooking simple recipes that I wouldn’t otherwise have tried by myself. I loved the Swiss Roll as it was a really successful outcome”.

“It’s been great to be able to make dishes that I haven’t made before and get in some practice for when I leave home and go to University. I loved the Sausage Rolls. I even went home and made them again. They were delicious and so much nicer than shop bought ones”.

“I wanted to learn how to cook something other than pasta and toast! I have made Quorn Spaghetti Bolognese because I’m a vegetarian and it tasted amazing with just a little squeeze of marmite in it. I have picked up some great tips for making vegetarian dishes tasty”.

“I wanted to join Food For Uni Club as I love baking and cooking, and I wanted to learn how to make interesting dishes for University. Learning how to make my own Chicken Nuggets from scratch was brilliant and I was really surprised how yummy they were, and how easy they were to make. A much healthier option than fast food!”

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