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Academic Challenge


Wednesday 21st January saw 30 of the highest achieving Year 7’s attend our Evening of Academic Challenge.

The event took place in the Trent Library and was aimed at allowing the students to think outside the box.

During the presentation the questions put forward to students were previous Oxbridge interview questions, which enabled the groups to engage in discussions, think logically and consider the potential consequences of their ideas and reasons.

Working in small groups the students really had to make the most of their collective experiences and ideas.

Mr Paul Taylor, Deputy Head (Academic) comments “It is vital that our students understand that the brain can be tested and trained, and thus developed through exercise. Developing a Growth Mindset will allow students to tackle future problems without fear of failure. It is always a pleasure to invite students to our challenge evenings as a reward for their hard work and attainment, and then to see them working collaboratively to solve so-called complex problems.”

Imogen Rafferty, Year 7 student here at Trent took part in the Evening of Academic Challenge and comments “The highlight of the event for me has to be answering all of the questions. I really enjoyed looking at them from different perspectives, points and views. My favourite question has to be ‘What does it mean to be happy?’ My group were as equally puzzled as I was.”

Imogen continues “It was a great pleasure to be asked to take part in this event and I was very proud that I was classed as a high-achiever. The event was enjoyed by all.”

Take 5 minutes to exercise your brain …

‘Smith sees Jones walking towards a cliff. Smith knows Jones is blind but doesn’t like him, so allows him to walk off the edge. Is this murder?’

What do you think??


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