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Project Christmas Tree


The Trent College Environmental Team has been working hard on a special project for display in the Devonshire Library over the Christmas period. The project is a Christmas tree made from recycled cardboard, with old Trent College marketing materials glued to the surface of the tree and used to make baubles hanging from the tree itself. 

This spirit of reuse emphasises one of the key elements of the Trent College Environmental Team. The three week task was led by Adam Taylor, following in the footsteps of Adam Feeney who set the bar very high last year. This task has proved a challenging yet rewarding one, with many challenges stemming from using the limited resources in the best way possible. Words such as ‘delightful’ and ‘good show’ have been thrown around by various team members on looking upon this recycled specimen and some would even go as far as saying it ‘got them into the Christmas spirit’.

Peter Nathanail, Head of the Trent College Environmental Team, said “It’s great to have another project where the efforts of the whole team can be showcased. From the recycling team who collected the materials and the manufacturing team who put the tree together, to the PR department who worked on the design and the Management team who provided support, this project involved everybody, and truly was a team effort.”

James Gregory, Director of Operations here at Trent comments “Once again this Christmas the Environmental Team have produced a fantastic centre piece to our Christmas decorations. Not only does this serve as a reminder that the end of term and Christmas are just around the corner it also raises awareness of recycling and the good work the environmental team undertake throughout the year”

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