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Live Screening of Classic Shakespeare Comedy

Drama & Dance

Trent Repertory Theatre were delighted to host the live screening of the classic Shakespeare comedy ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’ produced by The RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company). This was an amazing coup for Trent College as the run has currently sold out. Scholars and selected students from the Drama department were invited to attend this fantastic event, and all enjoyed the experience.

Donnaleigh Bailey, Trent College Director of Drama comments “We are pleased to offer these amazing opportunities to our students as we feel it feeds into their academic development. By watching professional Shakespeare texts students can make links back to the classroom and access the text in a new and exciting way.”

Jee Jee Akl, one of our students here at Trent gives us her take on the live screening experience…

“The live production of two gents has really enlightened me to the genius of Shakespeare, the connection between the twenty first century and the tragic love story written over four hundred years ago. Although it is almost forty six years since it was last performed on the Stratford stage, the RSC have done it justice.

Through this play, we were sucked into the world of Milan, where anything can happen, and the comedic tale of the two men who fell in love with the same woman. From the smooth curls on her head to the delicate white of her pretty toes, Valentine and Proteus decreed that she was perfect, and were willing to forfeit their friendship for her.

The opportunity to observe some of Shakespeare’s earliest work produced on stage has been infinitely beneficial, has inspired our writing and made Shakespearean language less alien to teenagers who use ‘lol’ in everyday conversation.”

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