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Trent Students Meet Former Members of Congress

Trips and Excursions Academic

On Monday 10th November Mr Stevens and Dr Johnson took the Year 13 Politics students to a captivating conference held at the British Library in London. 

Two of the Year 13 students gave us an in-depth overview of how the trip went…

"We listened to a series of lectures from several specialists in American Politics including Professors from several London universities. Joining them were two former members of congress; Mary Bono, a former Republican representative for California, and Brian Baird, a former Democratic representative for Washington. It was brilliant to hear first-hand accounts of the American political system from both sides of the political spectrum and their views on President Obama and the recent mid-term election results.

The lectures covered a variety of topics including: How the system works, The Current Presidency and US Foreign Policy. Each topic was briefly discussed by the lecturers with further comments from the special guests and questions from the audience. It was interesting to hear the solutions they proposed to current issues such as ISIS and their reactions to Obama’s handling of the situation. The contrasting views of the Democrats and Republicans were made evident by the discussion created around foreign policy in particular but also on a more general level with regards to gridlock in Congress. This has affected the passing of many bills including the recent Climate Bill." 

Mr Max Stevens, Head of Politics comments “It was a hugely successful trip that enabled the students to have a better understanding of ‘Washington Politics’. At A2 we study only US Politics and it is essential for students to include recent examples in their essays.”


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