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The Roman Baths Museum

Trips and Excursions

The Year 9 Latin group paid a visit to the Roman Baths Museum in Bath. The museum houses the best example of a Roman bath house to be found in Britain and includes the much-photographed Main Bath with its unmistakable green-tinted, hot and steamy natural spring water.

The site was originally the centre of a local healing cult which incorporated the use of the warm spring waters in the worship of the goddess Sulis. As the Romans occupied our island traditional cults were merged with new Roman beliefs, and Sulis now became Sulis Minerva.

The town of Aquae Sulis (The Waters of Sulis) expanded into a major centre of worship alongside healing. The Museum houses many artifacts from the area, and our pupils had a fantastic, and rare, opportunity to see for themselves the very objects which are pictured in their textbook and which form the basis of our discussion and stories in the classroom.

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