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Independent Schools Golf Association Cup


The Trent College Golf team recently participated in the Independent Schools Golf Association Cup at the Magnolia Park Course near Oxford. The team consisted of Harriet Evans (Year 11) playing off a handicap of 8, Adam Feeney (Year 13) playing off a handicap of 8 and Sam Potter (Year 8) playing off a handicap of 12. Out of the 20 teams competing Trent came 7th. A creditable performance, particularly given the early start and long journey for our team. No member of our team had played the course before and so we were not able to call on any ‘local knowledge’. Being able to do so would undoubtedly have helped our players avoid hazards and return even lower scores. 

The weather was ‘Autumnal’ and it felt like four seasons in one round. You get a sense of the strong wind torrential rain in one of the pictures. Despite the adverse conditions all three golfers maintained their concentration and worked very well as a team. Their driving was particularly impressive and on a long and demanding course this was very important. Adam was the oldest in the group and, as senior member, did a good job of leading the team and keeping a positive mood. Harriet held her game together really well and was the best female golfer in the whole tournament. Sam chipped in for a par on the first hole and kept up a very high standard in his short game and his driving throughout following 17 holes.

Although drenched at the end of the round, the team were in good spirits and justifiably proud of their efforts in representing Trent.

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