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Harvest Thanksgiving


For our Harvest offerings this year we are supporting three excellent local charities: The Long Eaton Foodbank, The Padley Centre in Derby and The Canaan Trust (situated not far from Tesco, Long Eaton). Representatives from Padley and Canaan have come in this year to our chapel services to give very meaningful presentations detailing their involvement in supporting and caring for the poor and vulnerable members of our society.

Mr Liam Webster, Lay-Chaplain comments “Harvest time is an opportunity for all of us to reflect or pray about how we can offer God’s Love to the increasing number of people in our own society who are living in a state of deprivation. A very big thank you to all in the community who have given with grateful hearts. Our local charities really do appreciate our support of their organisations.”

He continues “A very poignant and illuminating moment for our pupils was when Kevin Curtis, Canaan Trust, informed all in Chapel that he is called out on numerous occasions to tend to the homeless, sleeping against the Trent College fence, at the early hours of the morning.”

Peter Nathanail and Dominic Kalantary, both in Year 13, led the House Chapel Services leading up to our Harvest Thanksgiving Service, Sunday 12 October. At the root of their service was the following: while it is fitting that our Trent community celebrates the harvest and gives thanks for all good things around us, it is also essential that we never forget those that are less fortunate than ourselves.

Dominic Kalantary comments "For most of us at Trent, poverty is not something we have to experience. We know where the next meal is coming from, we are housed safely and clothed, and we are receiving an education that will prepare us thoroughly for all aspects of later life. When this image is juxtaposed with the hardship and suffering experienced by others less fortunate than us, especially those within our local community, it is hard to imagine why anybody would not want to help. The harvest festival is a great way to help these people, and I have been greatly impressed by the generosity of people within the school community to give to three great charities - The Long Eaton Foodbank, The Canaan Trust and the Padley Centre in Derby city."

Peter Nathanial comments, “Every pupil at Trent College, and indeed every young person across the world, will have to live on this planet no matter what state it is in. By making small changes to our individual lifestyles we can all make a difference. For example, putting your empty drinks can in the recycling bin and travelling to school on the School Bus Service instead of by car both reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.” 

If you would like to watch the Harvest Thanksgiving presentation that took place on Sunday 12th October, please click below... 



Mr Webster also recommends watching Rutter's 'Look at the World' video. Click Here to view. 

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