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Welcome to our Sixth Form Year 12


We are delighted to welcome our new Year 12 students to the Trent College Community.  Their first few days were spent on a comprehensive Induction Programme before jumping fully into life in our Sixth Form.

Last week the 120-strong Year 12 cohort (the largest for 6 years) have not just begun to experience academic lessons, they have also enjoyed sessions on careers, university applications, study skills, the EPQ and the wide-ranging extra-curricular opportunities available at Trent.

Sam Apoola, joining the Sixth Form from Trent’s Year 11, commented; ‘I have high ambitions academically and hope to come out with a strong set of results at AS and A Level…I also hope to get selected for the England U18 Hockey Team. To achieve these goals I must put in extra work on the pitch and in the classroom and for me Trent is the place where I can do this and achieve my goals.’

Lydia Fasey, now in Year 13 and Head of School, comments on why she made the choice to continue her studies in the Trent Sixth Form, 'I wanted familiar surroundings but a new course and new people, which is what first hit me on day one. My aim for Sixth Form was always to enjoy the beginning of my adult life; I had spent my GCSE years worrying about my future, and so I promised myself that A-Levels would be about me being happy, learning subjects I loved'.

Along with ‘home-grown’ talent like Sam, we have also welcomed 28 new students to Trent College in Year 12, from around the area and indeed around the globe. As the new term really gets under way we wish all of our Sixth Form success in everything they do, and look forward to celebrating their future achievements with them.

Meet some of our Year 12 students who are also new to Trent!

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