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Students Profit From Investment Contest


A team of budding student Economists from Trent have displayed their fledgling investment credentials after winning the Midlands League of the national Shares4Schools competition.

Shares4Schools, organised by The Share Centre, a leading retail stockbroker, brings Economics and Business Studies to life as teams of Year 12 students invest real money in the stock market. Each team must raise an investment pot of £1,500 to invest in the stock market, with the aim of achieving the greatest profit over the period October to May.

The nine-strong team members of the school’s new Economics Society, worked together to research possible investment options, and asked friends and relatives for advice, as they created and managed their own investment portfolio.

As well as topping the regional league by the end of the seven-month investment period, our Trent College boys also finished 12th nationally out of the 46 entrant schools.

Peter Nathanail, Dom Kalantary, Ed Church, Ben Park, Will Blower, Kevin Xu, Jerry Wang, Elliot Wragg and Will Allman make up the triumphant team of investors.

They will now travel to London for a special award ceremony on Thursday 26 June, where they will have the opportunity to network with business, finance and commerce experts before enjoying a trip on the London Eye.

Diane Mansell is Head of Economics and Business Education here at Trent. She believes the experience of real-life stock market dealings will be invaluable back in the classroom.

She said: “Participation in the Shares4Schools competition is a real benefit because it develops many skills; research, analysis and evaluation in particular.

“The pupils have had to learn how to negotiate and compromise, skills which can be translated into written responses i.e. seeing that there is an alternative perspective - always important in Economics - and outcomes are very unpredictable! It also raised awareness of the current economic climate and the impact of changes in government policy and business decisions.”

Our Economics Society was launched this year after Diane, a member of the Royal Economic Society, sat on a panel judging Eton School’s annual essay competition last July, and was then invited to spend a day at the famous school to observe their practices.

The Society, which meets every Thursday lunchtime, has this year organised live streaming of lectures organised by the Royal Economic Society, with Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Vince Cable, and Tim Harford, respected economist, journalist and broadcaster, the speakers.

A guest speaker, Dr Steve Davies, Education Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs, also visited Trent to deliver a lecture on the challenges facing the UK economy.

Next up for the group is preparing for Target Two Point Zero - The Bank of England and The Times Interest Rate Challenge - which gives teams of students aged 16-18 the chance to take on the role of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee, assess economic conditions and the outlook for inflation and tell panels of judges what monetary policy they would set to achieve the Government's inflation target of 2.0%.

Diane added: “The Economics and Business Department at Trent College is a strong, experienced team and we are committed to enabling our pupils to develop both breadth and depth in their knowledge and understanding of our subjects.

“We like to challenge them to think beyond the obvious and really want to share our enthusiasm for our areas of expertise with the pupils we teach.”



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