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Newly Appointed House Prefects at Trent


Planning ahead, our Year 11 House Prefects have officially been chosen for the next academic Year. As always, the competition to fill the 8 Prefect positions in each House was strong. But after careful consideration we are pleased to announce the below as our 2014/15 House Prefects…



Mr Wright Head of Senior School comments, “A great strength of the House structure of Trent College are the opportunities provided for Year 11 students to gain positions of responsibility."

He continues "The Year 11 House Prefects for the next academic year have now been appointed. There was a good deal of competition for the 8 Prefect positions in each of the five Houses (Cavendish, Kemp, Owen, Hanbury and Wright) and the application process consisted of a letter of application and an interview. The House Prefects will have routine House duties to perform as well as a weekly duty with a wider remit. The current Year 10 are an excellent year group and I am delighted that we have such a strong Prefect body to lead the Senior School in 2014/15.” 



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