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Boarders Enjoy First Trent Masquerade Ball


On a bitterly cold February evening much fun was had by all boarders at the first Masquerade Ball held at Trent College. The event was organised by 3 of the Sixth Form boarders from Martin House (Eve Linnington, Grace Hodgkin and Laura Wickes). Proceedings started for the Sixth Form boarders when they met up with their dates for the evening and made their way to the Obolensky (all in colourful and creative masks) for pre-dinner drinks and canapés. This gave everyone a chance to take pictures, chat and relax after all the January module examinations. Half an hour later, all the Main School boarders joined the party and soon after that all boarders and staff sat down for their meal. Our Catering Department made sure the tables looked great, the whole party was well served with wonderful dishes (selected by the Martin girls) and the whole atmosphere was fun. After the meal there was ballroom dancing in the Drama Studio. There was mixed success on the dance floor but much enjoyment. The first Masquerade Ball at Trent is unlikely to be the last. You will get a sense of the fun had on the evening from pictures.


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