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Harry Lights Up the West End

Drama & Dance

12-year-old Harry Gilby is taking the West End by storm as one of the lead characters in the new production of The Full Monty.
Harry, who is in Year 8, is playing the part of Nathan, the son of one of the six unemployed Sheffield steelworkers come male strippers, in a new play based on the hugely popular 1997 film.
The youngster attends the award-winning Television Workshop in Nottingham and landed the part ahead of 100 other hopefuls following auditions last September.
The new play, written by Simon Beaufoy, who also wrote the original film, opened in Bath in early February before transferring to the Noel Coward Theatre in London’s famous West End at the end of the month. This week The Full Monty was nominated for an Olivier Award for the Best New Comedy.
Harry, currently works three weeks on the show and then returns to school for two weeks until June. In his time away from Trent College, the young actor does set schoolwork in the mornings, overseen by a show chaperone.
Harry's dad, Neil, an Old Trident, admits it’s been a whirlwind few months for the Gilby family. He said: “We travelled down for Harry's first performance. What a proud moment. All the cast are tremendously supportive, a really nice bunch indeed.
“The evening before was press night, which was quite a treat to be part of it. Harry met some of the original cast of The Full Monty film, including his namesake Nathan, who was played by William Snape, and Hugo Speers. We also met Simon Beaufoy, the writer, along with a few other personalities, such as Richard Wilson, June Brown, Christopher Biggins, Errol Brown from Hot Chocolate, and Twiggy.
“It’s very tiring as they don't get home to their flat until after midnight, then do school work in the morning and back to the theatre for an afternoon matinee often too. But it’s very well managed and Harry is getting great help from everyone involved in the show along with his tutors at Trent College.”
Mrs Laura Fullwood, Harry's form tutor and English teacher, added: “Harry’s form are all very proud of his achievements and are extremely pleased to hear how well he is getting on, both on stage and in managing his school work. We look forward to catching up with him again soon, hearing about all of his recent triumphs and what life is really like for a West End performer!”

Find out all about the show here at the official website 

Harry with William Snape, who played Nathan in the hit film version of The Full Monty

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