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Cambridge Here I Come...


Congratulations to Year 13 student Penny Marshall who has received an offer for a place to read French and German at Trinity College, Cambridge.

Penny, who joined our Sixth Form in Year 12, is currently taking A Levels in French, German, Combined English, and Maths. She also enjoys a wide range of extra-curricular activities at Trent, which no doubt helped her Oxbridge application as well as providing a good break from studying. She says, ‘I play a lot of music which includes the clarinet, and I play in school bands such as symphony orchestra and hurricane wind band. I also played a lot of Netball last year.’

Penny says that part of the key to success is good time management and that the support she has received from her teachers has been invaluable. ‘My tutor is really nice, she always helps me if I get stuck with any work and all the teachers at Trent are also really supportive. I wouldn’t have been able to do everything that I do if it wasn’t for the teachers’ support’.

After very strong GCSE results a couple of years ago, Penny started to consider University, especially Oxford or Cambridge, but it would have been hard for her to imagine getting there, ‘I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d actually be going to Cambridge, it’s just amazing!’ she said.

When asked how she has found the University application process, Penny said, ‘For Oxbridge, you have to get your applications in a lot earlier than most Universities so I had quite a lot of teacher support at the start of Year 13 in getting my personal statement ready and making sure everything was on time. I knew that I wanted to apply, and Mr Barr and a few other teachers spoke to me about it and identified that it would be possible, there is a lot of encouragement. I had to have two interviews, one for French and one for German so I also had quite a lot of help from my language teachers which was really good.’

To other students who may consider Oxbridge, Penny would say, ‘You’ve really got to want to go to Oxford or Cambridge to put in the effort, as the application process is really tough, but I think that it’s really worthwhile and I’ve gained a lot from the experience itself as I’ve learnt a lot more about my subjects during the preparation.’

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