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Trent Environmental Team

Extra Curricular

The Trent College Environmental Team is formed of pupils from Years 7 to 12, all working tirelessly to reduce the environmental impact that Trent College makes. They meet every Monday and have teams focussing on saving energy, reusing waste and collecting recyclables.

The group is headed up by Year 12 pupil Peter Nathanail, assisted by Dominic Kalantary, who is also in Year 12. When asking Peter about the Environmental Team, he said “I really enjoy leading the team, and it’s great to see the positive impact we have on the environment. I have been interested in recycling since I was three, and I want to run my own waste management business when I am older so this is great practice. I would like to thank everybody on the team, especially my team leaders who work hard in their own time to help sessions run smoothly.”

The recycling team is the largest of all the teams, with 12 members. They empty over 100 recycling boxes every Monday, and then pass this recyclable waste onto Erewash Borough Council who collects it every fortnight. Dominic said, “The emptying of over 100 bins across the site every week is a smooth operation. Many members of the Trent College community can see the positive work that goes on.” They also take pride in being able to offer a 60 minute response service, where any recyclable waste reported to the student lead team via email will be collected within an hour.

The energy team, led by Ben Park in Year 12, record the amount of electricity produced by the solar panels on the top of the Design and Technology department. This information is then passed on to Daniel Giddins, Year 12, who updates the Environmental Team’s intranet page, and he then works with his team of students to display it on the intranet for all pupils and staff to see. The reuse team are currently working on a recycled Christmas decoration, soon to be displayed at school.

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