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Year 12 Conquer Snowdonia!


On Monday 7th October the Year 12 Geographers set off for the dramatic awe-inspiring scenery of the Snowdonia Mountains in Wales accompanied by Mr Shuttleworth and Miss Hills. The aim of the fieldtrip was to investigate downstream changes of the Afon Nant Peris; to conduct a comparison of two settlements an inner city area and a rural settlement, and finally to have some geographical fun! The fieldtrip is a way of learning, understanding and experiencing new geographical skills in a very real way, whilst preparing for the AS Skills examination.

Students used various new techniques in order to collect data, such as measuring velocity with Flowmeters, clinometers to measure gradients, iPads to log our GPS location and Skitch app to annotate photos taken of the river course. The students worked extremely hard in and out of the classroom, producing inventive presentations in groups were given on the last day to summarise their findings.
A couple of highlights of the 3 days away, was Peter Nathanail’s business-like swagger with his high-vis jacket; the Barton boys behaving as the process of erosion – undercutting the river cliff and of course Mr Shuttleworth’s famous speech of ‘imagine this valley full of ice’.

In our lively bunch of enthusiastic geographers we also had a couple of international students away with us. Altynay Abdilmanova described the trip as ‘interesting, a new experience with different challenges, enhancing my understanding and exhausting in a good way.’ All in all, the students had a wonderful time and have learnt many new invaluable skills which will be paramount for their AS exams.

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