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Leading Sports Scientist Visits Trent


On Tuesday 29th October, Professor Clyde Williams OBE, Emeritus Professor of Sports Science at Loughborough University, gave a presentation to some of Trent’s talented athletes, their parents and sports coaches.

Professor Clyde Williams is known worldwide as the leading figure of sport and exercise science in the United Kingdom, and therefore we were extremely fortunate that he kindly agreed to come to Trent.

The presentation focused on the use of sports nutrition and the case for sports supplementation in young athletes. The students learnt how to use nutrition to optimise their performance in sport and that this can be achieved by eating commonly-available food, not expensive supplements. In fact, the students learnt that the best supplement is, in fact, milk!!

It was a fascinating evening for all those who attended.

Read more about Professor Clyde Williams OBE here.

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