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German Exchange 2013


On the 15th September our friends from Langen, Germany travelled over to see us for another successful exchange. Once again, Friesland School in Sandiacre joined us in hosting 22 German students and 3 teachers. After a short flight and an evening of rest with their exchange partners, they were ready to see what the East Midlands had to offer!

The following day was all about breaking the ice – we took our Trent students and their partners over to Friesland School for a ‘Media Day’, where the students had to think about how to create an atmospheric, moody and scary ghost story. The students relished the task with lots of great ideas and were soon storyboarding their ideas. We then had the opportunity to visit Newstead Abbey, where, after a tour of the grounds, we filmed the ghost stories. Costumes were provided by Friesland School and some of the boys enjoyed playing the damsel in distress, rather than the dashing hero!

The next day gave the German students an insight into Trent life. We were very impressed with their excellent attitude and willingness to get involved in the lessons. At the end of the day, we invited the Mayor of Long Eaton and the other exchange students for a spot of afternoon tea – many thanks to the Catering department. The Mayor gave a short speech about the importance of foreign travel and establishing links abroad, to which the students listened intently.

The weekend was then left to the host students to provide a multitude of activities, showcasing life in Britain – there were many day trips, outings to the bowling alley and sporting activities too.

On Monday, everyone was very excited to go to Alton Towers for some adrenaline-fuelled fun! The students loved the rides and a great day was had by all! The last full day was (unfortunately) spent in school for the Trent students, whilst their German partners went to experience the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. After an interesting experience in the galleries, they were then treated to a bit of shopping before meeting their Trent partners at Friesland School for the farewell party – lots of scones, cakes and tea were on offer, which made the Trent students feel a bit better after having a full day of school!

Finally, we said goodbye to our friends on Wednesday morning – lots of hugs and handshakes and promises to keep in contact until we visit in May 2014. As the pupils’ German teacher, I was incredibly proud of how welcome our students made their partners feel and also of how well they integrated with the Friesland pupils. I am certainly looking forward to our trip to Germany!


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