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Field Day Fun for Year 7

Extra Curricular

Year 7 were all involved in a musical concert on Friday as part of Field Day. Read the accounts of the day from students Thomas Unsworth and Sam Potter below.

"We began the day as usual playing football before registration while other pupils were reading and chatting in the common room. Then, the bell went for the start of our Field Day fun. After registration we were told what activities we were doing. The year 7 base was full of really excited and curious children, who were looking forward to the prospects of their different activities.

The whole year was then taken to the May hall to rehearse for the Year 7 songs that we were going to sing in front of our relatives and friends. Everybody enjoyed getting involved singing the different sound of the mighty jungle. This was a song we practised on the adventure camp. We still think it is unbelievable how suddenly we were in the Bakewell swamps one minute and then, the next, we were in Australia singing about a Kookaburra in an old gum tree. Mr Foster then taught us a new song by Benjamin Britten, ‘A New Year Carol’. 

After our mass rehearsal we were split into groups for the day and began our various activities: community service (working on our notice boards in the Year 7 Base), designing the concert programme, taking photos and writing this report, baking biscuits for the Macmillan coffee morning and various drama/music activities.
Our first call was Martin House (the girls’ 6th Form boarding house) to see what kind of biscuits the Year 7 were making for the Macmillan coffee morning stall. The baking group began with various strict hygienic precautions. Each pair was given a huge chunk of dough to work with. They immediately rolled out the dough and grabbed the shape cutters and got to work.

Conducted by Mr Henderson, the music rehearsal seemed to be very loud and going very well. The pupils’ rhythm was also brilliant as they rehearsed the 4 animal songs that they were going to play in the concert. Also helping the musicians was Mr Foster, who also helped the ensemble out on his clarinet.

When we visited the first group of actors they were all very intense and seemed to be working very well and trying their very best to memorize their lines. We noticed a lot of expressive faces and interesting actions. As soon as we entered the door to the second drama class, we found it quite difficult to contain our laughter, as immediately in front of the door was Christian Green (a fellow pupil) doing a very humorous impression of 007. I could tell that Mrs Bailey (the teacher of this particular drama group) was doing a brilliant job of helping her pupils to express themselves.

Our next journey was made to Science where 3 boys and Dr Wakerley were working on the design of the concert programme. Getting the programme ready and printed was going to be a tight affair for them.
After our favourite fish and chips at lunch, we were soon making our way to the May Hall for the final run through of the concert. I think the concert was a great success and I was really amazed at the brilliant musicians in both the music and drama items. For us, singing as a whole Year 7 group was the most special moment. We are undoubtedly the best singing year group at Trent!"


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