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Year 8 Explore Burbage

Trips and Excursions

The whole of Year 8 were lucky enough to be able to test the theories of Hydrology learnt in the classroom this term, in the rivers of Burbage, on Field Day. The year group were split into two with one element being to collect data in the river and the other being to help collect litter dumped in the woodland close by.

The groups were quick to get down to the task of measuring river width, depth, gradient, bedload size and shape and the most favoured factor - speed (loosing many dog biscuits along the way)!!! Some were so enthusiastic in chasing the biscuits, that they forgot the check the depth and ended up with a welly full of water!!

After lunch in the sun on the banks of the river, the groups swapped and began the task of collecting rubbish in the wood. The group adopted a “police sweep” approach to the woodland leaving no stone unturned armed with thick gloves, litter pickers and black bags. The morning conservation team had found a whole camp left behind, including tents, broken chairs and various waste cans and bottles. In total the students collected over 40 bin liners of rubbish.

A great day was enjoyed by all in the glorious sunshine – the students got to learn in the field and the Peak District rangers were astounded with just what the groups managed to find and were extremely grateful for all the students’ hard work. The results of the fieldwork will now be used in the classroom to complete the investigation process.

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