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Trent College Achieves Record Results

Sixth Form

Two sets of twins, England sporting prospects and an incredible comeback from a nasty head injury made up some of the most triumphant tales as Trent College celebrated another year of improved A-level results today (Thursday 13 August).

In a year the proportion of A* and A A-level grades fell slightly to 25.9% nationally, Trent College saw an 6% increase in these top grades to 43%, while an impressive 71% of all students’ results were graded A*-B – a 4% increase on last year. The school’s overall pass rate is an enviable 99% with 20 students in total attaining at least three or more A*-A grades, nine of those achieving four or more top grades.

This year’s top Trent College performer was Richard Nash, an Academic scholar, who secured 4 A*s plus one A. He said: “I was quite surprised, I didn’t expect to get as many A*s as I did. The teachers have done a lot of one-on-one work when it’s been needed and have been very helpful about everything.

“I’ve been here since Year 7 and I’ve enjoyed my time a lot because as well as the academic side the general atmosphere and everyone here’s been really nice, and that’s definitely helped me be able to excel academically.”

Fellow scholar Matt Young has combined his duties as school 1st XI cricket captain with landing 3 A*s plus one A to also go to Warwick to study Maths, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics (MORSE).

He said: “The standard of teaching’s always been very high, the teachers will put in the extra hours if you need extra help. You couldn’t ask for much more. With the cricket season being right in the exam season I find it quite a nice way to relax on a Saturday afternoon and then go back to work during the week.”

One of the biggest smiles of the day belonged to Oscar Sinfield whose AAB results don’t even tell half his story. Last September an injury meant that Oscar was away from school for two months. 

After returning to school in early November, Oscar was committed to achieving his ambition of gaining a place to study Veterinary Science somewhere. What he didn’t expect was that ambition would be realised this autumn having been fully prepared to spend the next year working hard to get the grades he needed.

Oscar, a very talented musician, explains: “I was firstly slightly disappointed with my grades but the teachers told me to ring the universities. Liverpool picked up and I asked if AAB would be enough to get in next year and they said ‘Actually we were going to phone you later, we would like to offer you a place this year!

"I don’t remember anything until about the third week after I came back to school. That’s when I really started focusing on catching up. It made me work harder because I had to. I wasn’t expecting this though!”

England U18 rugby prospect, Will Allman, who will next year take up a full-time position in the Northampton Saints Senior Academy, secured impressive A*AB results, while England U18 hockey goalkeeper Brooke Butler got 2 x As and a C to study Human Biology at Loughborough.

Also off to Loughborough is Peter Nathanail who got 2 A*s and 2 As to study a specialist Transport and Business Management degree. Peter has been hugely involved in school life, most recently running the Whole School Programme and the school’s environmental team.

He admits the lessons learned from these have been invaluable in developing some of the organisation and management skills he will need to follow his long-held passion for logistics - “I got a real buzz from the fact that 25 people turned up on Monday afternoons to empty bins, which let’s face it isn’t the most exciting task in the world!” he laughed.

Izzy Avery-Phipps, whose 4 As secured her place at Sheffield to study Medicine, also revealed the role extra-curricular activity played in defining her destiny as a work experience spell with an orthopedic surgeon turned her mind to medicine.

She said: “I really enjoyed my work experience and liked the fact medicine could provide a career where I’d be able to work with people and help them while carrying on learning about things I’m interested in like biology and science. It definitely shows the value of seeing what the job involves.”

Twins Lucy and Ellie Hands, meanwhile, face their first prolonged period apart after both getting their first choice places to study Geography at Liverpool and Sheffield respectively.

Ellie, who got 4 As, said: “It’s such a tense build up to results day because it’s years of hard work and we worked so hard for these so it’s so nice to have got the results we deserved.

Lucy, who got A*AAB, added: “The fact we’re going to different places has been quite a hot topic of conversation! People have been asking us if it will be ok, but we think it’s nice for us both to get round different cities and visit each other. Because we’re both doing Geography it would be a bit strange being in the same lectures, with the same people and halls etc. We’ve had 15 years of that at school!”

The year group’s other set of twins, Angus and Georgina Low, both got ABB.

The last word goes to Head Girl, Lydia Fasey, whose A* and 2 x As, will see her go to Birmingham to also do Medicine. She said: “I think these results are to have been expected with this year group, seeing people in the working areas, everyone works so hard and is so motivated. These results are testament to the staff too. It’s a really happy ending to our school careers.”

Mr Bill Penty, Head of Trent College, concluded: “I am absolutely delighted about such wonderful outcomes for our pupils in a year where we have achieved record results in terms of top grades. This is all the more special given how much they have achieved more broadly outside of their academic studies. They have been a fantastic year group who we will miss very much."

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